2021 Events


These are our upcoming events. For more information on these events, updates, registration and more please see our Facebook event pages here: FACEBOOK EVENTS


2021 Schedule


Land of 10,000 Discs

Welcome to the Land of 10,000 Discs! This annual event will consist of an Ashley Whippet Invitational (AWI) world qualifier, The Hero Cup long-distance throwing competition, and UpDog Challenge games mixed in!

Saturday, June 19: AWI World Qualifier + UpDog Games

Sunday, June 20: Hero Cup + UpDog Challenge Freestyle & Games


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Crossover Crown

Welcome to the UpDog Bite Club Crossover Crown hosted by MNDDC! This annual event will consist of the 3 UpDog agility crossover games Frizgility, Funkey & 7UP!

Sunday, July 4

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Dog Days of Summer

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer! This annual event will consist of a Skyhoundz Classic world qualifier and Discdogathon world qualifier!

Saturday, July 24: Skyhoundz Discdogathon

Sunday, July 25: Skyhoundz Classic

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Star Jam

Welcome to Star Jam! This annual event will take place in the evening under the lights and consist of classic MNDDC Format games like Freestyle, Toss & Catch & Long Shot!

Saturday, August 14

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UpDog Triple Crown +
Toss & Fetch World Championships

Welcome to the UpDog Triple Crown & TF World Championships! This annual event will take place in multiple locations worldwide. We will be host one of the competition locations. You will be competing for local and worldwide placement opportunities!

Triple Crown Saturday, September 11:

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TF World Championships Sunday, September 12:

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MN State Disc Dog Championship

Welcome to State Champs! This annual event is a weekend tournament where we crown Minnesota's champion disc dog team each year.

This year will be 2 days packed full of UpDog fun, camping, and more!


This event is open to anyone from anywhere, it is not members-only. 

Saturday, September 19: UpDog Challenge

Sunday, September 20: UpDog Challenge

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