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Competition Formats


  • Ashley Whippet Invitational- This is the original disc dog competition format. It is named after the dog that put disc dog on the map back in the 1970s. It consists of freestyle and toss & fetch. Their T&F scores are lower, so that freestyle shines more in the overall scores in comparison to other formats.

  • Skyhoundz Classic- Skyhoundz Classic has classic freestyle, pairs freestyle, and distance & accuracy ( their version of toss and fetch). This is a classic format, as it mainly consists of freestyle and toss & fetch. Must use Hyperflite discs in all Skyhoundz events.

  • Skyhoundz Discdogathon- This format from Skyhoundz incorporates a lot of fun games! Many of which require being able to have a handoff or using fewer discs than you would use in UpDog games. Must use Hyperflite discs in all Skyhoundz events.

  • Toss & Fetch League- One of the most beginner-friendly formats in the disc dog world! It is just as it sounds, a competition of tossing a frisbee, your dog catching it, returning it, and throwing again! We host Spring, Summer, Fall leagues as a club. These leagues last for 5 weeks and are typically held on weeknights. We also host as a region for the K9 Toss & Fetch World Finals. Like us on Facebook, and join our MSP League group to stay updated!

  • Hero Cup- A long-distance throwing competition. This is a bracket format, and you can use almost any dog safe disc!

  • The Quadruped- The classic long-distance throwing competition. Must throw a Fastback disc or a disc of the same size and weight of a Fastback like the Hero Air 235. 

  • UFO- A classic competition format with freestyle and toss & fetch. They host their world finals outside of the United States sometimes too.​

  • UpDog Challenge- UpDog is another beginner to expert friendly competition format. It is also very friendly to puppies and senior dogs who play, as UpDog allows "rollers" as throws in their games! UpDog has freestyle along with multiple fun games that build many disc dog skills. They even incorporate agility into some games as well.

  • UpDog Bite Club- Bite Club is a new league starting in the 2020 disc season! This is a worldwide collective of disc dog clubs coming together to play UpDog games in a league style format!​

  • USDDN- A classic format with a unique twist on their toss & fetch and freestyle! T&F is 90 seconds instead of 60 like most others.

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