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About Us


The Minnesota Disc Dog Club began organizing disc dog events, play dates, and spreading the word about disc dog back in 2005 by our club founders, Josh Grenell and Roo Yori. They had a couple of high energy rescue dogs, Wallace and Wazee, that helped take the MN Disc Dog scene to the next level. Wallace the Pitbull inspired thousands across the world and became the poster dog of pitbull rescue when he became the first-ever pitbull world champion disc dog! Breaking down many stereotypes and showing the world that dogs of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can excel in the sport of disc! Wallace was on the brink of euthanasia when, Roo Yori, rescued him. Wallace the Pitbull just needed a human to understand him. The sport of disc dog is a fantastic outlet for high energy dogs, and it's of building an unbeatable bond with a dog! 

Our rich history built the foundation we all play off of today. We pay our respects to our 4 legged friends of the past and look to create an even better future!


We host the most disc dog competitions and a variety of competition formats in the land of 10,000 discs! New players are always welcomed with open paws, and are encouraged to get involved right away! Our events are designed for anyone to play and get hooked on the sport of disc dog. Beginner to expert, we have the fun, friendship, and community you seek!

Legacy Awards

State Champions

Awarded to the team that wins the State Championship event held at Bluff Valley Campgrounds at the end of the MN Disc Dog Season.

2022- Akela & Anna Privette

2021- Chaos & Jess Kittredge

2020- Akela & Anna Privette

2019- Mavis Mayhem & Ben Rimbey

2018- Akela & Anna Privette

2017- Nox & Melissa Fenmar

2016- Codex & Jess Kittredge

2015- Koda & Amanda Sharp

2014- Mikko & Dalen Johnson

2013- Zinga & Sara Brueske

2012- Koda & Amanda Sharp

2011- Grady & Paul Winsworth

2010 (Freestyle)- Grady & Paul Winsworth

2010 (Catch22)- Maggie & Matt DiAno

2009 (Freestyle)- Solar & Andrew Han

2009 (Catch22)- Snickers & Tim Bendzick

2008 (Freestyle)- Petey & Abby Cline

2008 (Catch22)- Ora & Larry Hothkiss

MN Club Cup Series Champions

Awarded to the team that has the most points cumulative from the season of MNDDC Club Cup Series Events. Crowning the most consistent team of the MN Disc Dog Club season. Must volunteer to judge at least 1 pro-level freestyle event to qualify.

2020- Pan-Jess Kittredge

2021- Chaos & Jess Kittredge

2020- Zoey & Ben Rimbey-Akela & Anna (Tie)

2019- Zoey & Ben Rimbey

2018- Akela & Anna Privette

2017- Nox & Melissa Fenmar

2016- Harper & Niky Bond

2015- Codex & Jess Kittredge

2014- Mikko & Dalen Johnson

2013- Zuma & Sara Brueske

2012- Koda & Amanda Sharp

2009 (Freestyle)- Solar & Andrew Han

2009 (T&F)- Rocket & Brian Bruzek

2008 (Freestyle)- Sambuca & Josh Weigel

2008 (T&F)- Beju & Josh Weigel

2007 (Freestyle)- Tag & Melissa L.

2007 (T&F)- Tag & Melissa L.

2006 (Freestyle)- Wallace the Pitbull

2006 (T&F)- Ajax

Wazee Spirit Award

The Wazee Spirit Award, named after MNDDC's club founder’s dog, Wazee, is awarded each year to a disc dog team that best exemplifies our mission. This includes having fun with their dog on the field while volunteering off the field to help ensure the best possible experience for those competing. The year’s previous award winner is held responsible to identify which team best embodies the “Disc Dog Spirit.”

2022- Ben Rimbey & Joy

2021- Chad Gerber & Citra

2020- Terri Johnson & Otter

2019- Julia Muenker & Fionn

2018 - Morgan Campbell & Aria

2017 - Melissa Cowman & Team Etheren Fen

2016 - Kyle Mjoen & Team Wild Woods

2015 - Vicky Gerber & Team Mighty Mutts

2014 - Niky Bond & Harper

2013 - Jess Kittredge & Codex

2012 - Sean Silvernail & Team Top Gun

2011 - Tania Lex & Lok

2010 - Denise Koster & "the Borrowed Dogs"

Hall of Fame Dogs

1. Dog must be retired from competition. (Exhibition or Demos are fine)
2. A contribution to the club or the sport that is agreed upon by the majority of the interested club members by a vote. 51% will be considered a majority. The board can also act alone in nominating and Voting.  
3. Handler must be a member of the MNDDC.  
4. Dogs that played disc before the Incorporation of the MNDDC are eligible.
5. Ties in voting will be broken by a board vote. Any tie in board voting will be decided by the president's vote as per the bylaws. 

2022-Sheba with handler Chad Gerber

2022- Harper with handler Niky Bond

2021-Codex with handler Jess Kittredge

2021- Jun with handler Tania Lex

2021- Jade with Handler Denise Koster

2014- Wazee with handler Josh Grenell

2012- Wallace the Pitbull with handler Roo Yori

2009- Ashley Girl Dog with handler Sheronne Mulry

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